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Scotty’s Mobile Wash was founded in the late seventies by Scott Whitesell, an ambitious Winnipeger with a proud Metis hertiage. Scotty’s is the leading pioneer in the mobile power washing industry in Winnipeg. Following years of not only running the mobile power wash buisness, but also a successful and well known truck wash, which has continued to provide exceptional washing services, to both highway transport, vocationcal equipment and even the occasional fire truck and tour bus! Today Scotty’s continues down the path of family owned and operated, even with the sudden passing of cousin Niles in 2021, and the tragic passing of his son Joey Whitesell in 2022, Scott has never broken his focus on providing the most exceptional customer service experience. Backed by his son in law and vice president Ryan, alongside his son Darren and grandson Cam, this family and its team of professional power washers are the leaders in Winnipeg’s power wash industry.

Scotty’s is truly a family business with a team that strives to provide top level service to every client they work with. We’ve worked with a variety of local businesses over the years, including Coca-Cola, Sobeys, CN, Kleysens, Johnson Waste, and many more.

Scotty’s Mobile Wash is ranked the BEST graffiti removal in Winnipeg, working closely with the city’s top property management companies.

Our Scotty’s Mobile Wash family would like to take this opportunity to thank you the customer, for providing our team the opportunity to tackle your toughest jobs, while earning an honorable living all these years.


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Scott Whitesell: The BOSS

Ryan Chaput: The Vice-President aka Bosses Apprentice

In Memory of...

Family owned and opearated has been and continues even today as the most paramount factor of the business of Scotty’s. In 2021, the sudden loss of Niles Whitesell, Scotty’s charismatic, and lucrative idea having cousin, a long time friend and devoted hard worker for the company, Niles spent many years coming up with new and innovative ways to improve the company, ideas that are still in use today. In 2022, the tragic loss of Scotty’s son Joey Whitesell, saw an end of an era, an era where father and son had ruled the streets with their power washing skills, in the ring, the match isn’t over until the bell is rung, and this dynamic duo put to test many competitors over the years, never once missing the bell ringing in the 12th round. Joey’s tragic passing, did not stop the drive Scott had to keep the legacy of his company alive, today we forever rememeber the influence and grace these two left behind, a legacy that helped carve out the success which is Scotty’s today.

Joey Whitesell
Niles Whitesell