Roof Top Trailer Snow Removal

Scotty’s offers safe snow removal in shop and mobile. We have CSA approved equipment to safely remove packed snow from the trailer roof tops. Each technician is trained and certified in proper fall protection. Serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Call the office to arrange service.

Commercial Services

We specalize in a large variety of work with the commecial sectors, from cleaning grease spills, garbage compactors and garbage dumpsters, to thawing frozen pipes during the winter months and thawing load cells on truck scales. We also work with properity management companies to clean garbage chutes to rooftop air conditioners, to graffiti removal and cleaning floors from walking pads, to spills that need to be cleaned in parking garages.

Wash bays

  • Located at 1860 Brookside Blvd, Corner of Inkster & Route 90
  • 136 ft long drive-thru full service wash bays.
  • We wash Semi trucks and trailers.
  • Specializing in Washouts – power washing, disinfecting and deodorizing interior trailers.
  • HACCUP Approved and Certified
  • Open 8-5 Monday to Friday

Mobile Wash

We wash, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, houses and buildings. Free Estimates & available 24/7.

We serve Winnipeg and the surrounding area and offer fleet rates for weekly or bi-weekly.

Each truck is fully self sufficient with heated water, 2 workers, soap, supplies and safety gear. Safety is our main concern, that is why we use the buddy system. We are fully insured and licensed to work year round. Confined space certified

Giving back

Scotty’s is proud to support and donate to,

  • Siloam Mission
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Power Boxing Club

Helping under privileged youth by introducing them to the world of sports and peer relationships. Teaching them strength, control and dedication while boosting their confidence and self esteem.

About Us

Scotty’s Mobile Wash was founded in the late seventies by Scott Whitesell, an ambitious Winnipeger with a proud Metis hertiage. Scotty’s is the leading pioneer in the mobile power washing industry in Winnipeg. Following years of not only running the mobile power wash buisness, but also a successful and well known truck wash, which has continued to provide exceptional washing services, to both highway transport, vocationcal equipment and even the occasional fire truck and tour bus! Today Scotty’s continues down the path of family owned and operated, even with the sudden passing of cousin Niles in 2021, and the tragic passing of his son Joey Whitesell in 2022, Scott has never broken his focus on providing the most exceptional customer service experience. Backed by his son in law and vice president Ryan, alongside his son Darren and grandson Cam, this family and its team of professional power washers are the leaders in Winnipeg’s power wash industry.

Scotty’s is truly a family business with a team that strives to provide top level service to every client they work with. We’ve worked with a variety of local businesses over the years, including Coca-Cola, Sobeys, CN, Kleysens, Johnson Waste, and many more.

Scotty’s Mobile Wash is ranked the BEST graffiti removal in Winnipeg, working closely with the city’s top property management companies.

Our Scotty’s Mobile Wash family would like to take this opportunity to thank you the customer, for providing our team the opportunity to tackle your toughest jobs, while earning an honorable living all these years.


We look forward to serving you soon!

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